L l o y d   N   B r o w n   
Lloyd Brown studied Fine Arts - painting-  at the University of Texas.  He also studied abstract painting with mentor and friend Frank Hursh of Black Mountain College.  He then studied Interior Design at University of Texas and was awarded scholarships for competitive design portfolios.  During university years after classes Brown worked in architects offices as drafter, designer and architectural illustrator.  He began 9 to 5 life as a Retail Store Planner in Houston - designed stores for Federated (Belk’s and Foley’s) while employed with Richard Roeder Associates.  He was drafted into the US military and quickly became an official combat zone artist for the Navy in Vietnam, 1969 -1970.  In Vietnam he became engaged with Buddhist iconography and related practices. After military service, he pursued his interest in architectural design and architectural illustrations career.  Brown was eventually the Interior Architecture Department Director for a large  architectural company in San Antonio, TX. and in 1984 he moved to New Mexico to continue the architectural design and illustrations career.  Quickly established in New Mexico, he soon began to paint near full time once again.   Brown was a juried member of the Santa Fe Society of Artists - was a Gallery artist at Edith Lambert Gallery, Canyon Road, Santa Fe and was a Gallery Artist/Owner at The Artists Gallery on busy Galisteo ST., Santa Fe.  He sometimes also worked with several New Mexico architects and designers as designer and architectural illustrator in 3D digital media when 3D media was just  becoming of interest to architects and engineers.  In 2009 Brown began painting again full time and currently is developing a practical workshop on embracing the mystery of creativity.  Lloyd Brown's present studio/workshop is in the village of Corrales, NM. Professional Creative media employed:  Oil painting, Acrylic Painting, Watercolor Painting, Pen and Ink, graphite, conte’ etc. Mixed Media physical 3D work 3D Digital Software for animation, rendering/modeling and architectural design work 3D Software proficiency:  Cinema 4D, Turbocad, Autocad, Vectorworks, Revit ++        
All art, images, designs & projects on this website are copyrighted by Lloyd Brown, 2015.  Do not use without permission
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